Delivery of physical card

Hi. I ordered my card 4 days ago and did not realise it takes 9 business days to arrive. I need the card for the 6 September 2017. Will this be delivered by then? I also managed to block my card when trying to phone Revolut and speak with someone over the phone, please can this be unblocked.


Delivery time depends on where you live. I’m in the UK and it took 36 hours.

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The card is unlocked from the app, in the same section you lock it :slight_smile:

Depending on your country, I’d lean for the yes, but both things are possible. Get in touch with the in-app support to get further information.

Your other option is to get another card with expedited shipment (ships in around 2 working days, so around Sept 5-6) or subscribe to :r: Premium (first month free, £6.99/m after that, one year contract after the trial period) and get the complimentary free expedited shipment! :slight_smile:

In the UK it’s likely to receive your card within 3 working days, however it can take up to 9 working days sometimes.

Why not ordering a card with express delivery?:rocket:

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How long does it usually take to arrive in Ireland? I am leaving on the 12th of May but only heard of Revolut on Friday. It says May 1st for express and May 12th for standard. Whenever I buy something from UK, I get it by the end of the week, no later.