Delivery fee shown free but actually charged 8£?


Hi, I applied the card today and on the page it is said free standard delivery. After I clicked it, suddenly it showed I have to pay 8£ for delivery and proceed the payment directly without letting me reconfirmed. I feel like being scammed and very upset. I tried to ask those online supports but apparently the robots cannot answer. Then I realized I can’t even contact with any realman support to deal with the issues. This is a very uncomfortable and disappointed experience.


Try typing “live agent”.

Did you have any Revolut card before? If not and you qualify for the free card I assume they will refund it - given it was actually charged.


No response to live agent at all.

Yes this is my first card. It’s better if they gonna refund me but I only received a invoice said I paid 8£ for it. Don’t think that means it…


Hey @Samantha100800 :slight_smile:

Did you get an answer from the bot (Rita) in the chat?
If not, try uninstalling and reinstalling, and then typing live agent.

Else, you can wait to hear here from @AndreasK or @JessicaZ, or you can also ask for help through Twitter:


Still not working. I hope someone can reply me soon. I just wanna make sure they will refund me. Thanks anyway


Hi @Samantha100800. An agent has contacted you via chat and will be more than happy to sort this out. :slight_smile: