Delivery costs for the card

Hi, I have invited a friend on Revolut via ref. He is asked to pay €5.99 for shipping. But wasn’t it free via ref? I think :r: removed this option without saying anything to anyone. I don’t think it’s a correct commercial move, without communicating anything via social media.

No, I have not seen that it should be free via referring. But your friend needs to order a physical card before you can get you referring prize.

If you read the current offer carefully, you will see that it is for a free card. What is not free is the delivery fee. Without the free offer, there would be a cost for the card and a delivery fee on top.
Some time ago, they did have the offer of an introduction fee for both parties (which may have been equal to the card cost, I don’t now remember) but that has long since ended.

I think it was last yead the delevery was free

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I have ordered a Junior card today, while ordering the process froze, so I hit conform a 2nd time. I’m now being told 2 cards are being sent to me as two separate deliveries.
How do I cancel one of those?
I’m a new member so any help is appreciated