Delivery costs for the card

Hi, I have invited a friend on Revolut via ref. He is asked to pay €5.99 for shipping. But wasn’t it free via ref? I think :r: removed this option without saying anything to anyone. I don’t think it’s a correct commercial move, without communicating anything via social media.

No, I have not seen that it should be free via referring. But your friend needs to order a physical card before you can get you referring prize.

If you read the current offer carefully, you will see that it is for a free card. What is not free is the delivery fee. Without the free offer, there would be a cost for the card and a delivery fee on top.
Some time ago, they did have the offer of an introduction fee for both parties (which may have been equal to the card cost, I don’t now remember) but that has long since ended.

I think it was last yead the delevery was free

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I have ordered a Junior card today, while ordering the process froze, so I hit conform a 2nd time. I’m now being told 2 cards are being sent to me as two separate deliveries.
How do I cancel one of those?
I’m a new member so any help is appreciated

I ordered a Junior Card for my daughter and it never got delivered.
It was due to arrive the 9th of Dec.
The only option seems to be to order another card but why am I being charged again.
The 1st card was not delivered. Surely Revolut should provide another card without me paying again for delivery.

It’s best to contact the support in app chat for this. This is a user forum, fellow users have verify limited options to help you in your case. :wave:

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I had same problem. I contacted user support and after a long time waiting for someone to answer me (because they are very busy) they offered to send a new one.
And they refunded me transport. It happened ASAP.

I can help you with one thing that happened to me. Name on the letter of the card is child name, so maybe if you don’t have your child name written on the mailbox the postman doesn’t know that it is for you.

Hope I helped.