Delivery Card fees


Hi everyone !

I’ve ordered my Revolut card at the start of the week, because i saw an ad with the fees of the delivery offer ! I got my card yesterday, but when i ordered it i have paid 5.99€. Does anyone know why ? Thanks for the answers ! :smiley:


Hey there,

The reason is that the card costs 5.99 and shipping costs the same 5.99, so you got free shipping. :slight_smile:
Btw what was the exact offer?
If it says free card free delivery then something is wrong, and you can ask for a refund :slight_smile:


Ok all good, i’ve chatted with someone in the App and everything is good know :smiley:
I got refunded and the offer is one of these two, i don’t remember wich one or


I’m glad this has been resolved. :slight_smile:


It still bewilders me that everyone thinks it is necessary that Revolut charges for the cards at all. No other payment card I have charges me anything just to get a card.


Sure, there are multitude of cards that are free, not only the card as well as any commissions. Here in Portugal even with a lot of traditional banks it’s like that


Hi i’ve tried the groupon offer (valid until 15/07/2018) but it doesn’t work and I’ve been debited of the 5,99€, can you refund me ?


Hi, I have the same problem, i don’t understand my daughter receive it with out fees!


Hi @GBretin , @minibato ,

Please reach out to in-app customer service, they will refund you the cost of the card if you’ve used the promotion :slight_smile: