Delivery address input issues

I’m trying to setup my delivery address for the physical card that should be different from what Revolut has on file for me (the one I have on my profile). It might be important to note that delivery address would be in a country different from my permanent address.

There are two issues I’m facing:

  • The app could not find any addresses for my UK postal code for whatever reason. Therefore, I tried to add it manually, but Address line 2 appears to copy everything I put on Address line 1. See attached screenshot.
  • Furthermore, after completing all address info, the “Continue” button remains inactive, and I cannot step forward.

    Edited: added better screenshot

Hi there. Are you in the latest version of the app?

According to Google Play, there are no updates available. My version is 4.13.1, according to the Application data.

It’s in Hungarian, but the version should be recognizable.

Hmm! Thank you for checking this. Our tech team will investigate what’s going on.

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I would like to provide further feedback, as I just received my corporate cell phone that is an iPhone. Everything works out of the box, none of the issues exist.

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So the issue was related with your Android? What model was it?

It’s a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), also known as SM-A510F running Android 7.0.

FWIW, I just noticed a similar issue when adding a benificiary, when I entered in the mobile number it copied the data to the email field below.

Hey guys! This has been resolved. Please update your app to 4.14V :slight_smile:

Hello, I try to put a company as new beneficiary. However, the postal code in the UK is not valid! On my android smartphone, I have Revolut LTD UK version 6.33.1
Could you please on this point?
Thank you