Deliver WOW: Revolut Community – Creating a space to connect with you :r:

How we’re shaping the Community to Deliver WOW

Here at Revolut, we never settle, so we’re always looking for ways to improve our user’s experience, be it through our app, blog, or Community. This year, we’ve decided to take on an extra goal: offering you the best Community out there.

We are redesigning, and restructuring our forum environment, so you can easily share feedback, get help, and get to know new features on Revolut. You’ll be able to engage with us more effectively, and help to create truly customer-centric products.

But first, what is Revolut Community?

The Revolut Community page was created in July 2016, and it’s now time to take a fresh look at how we can make the most of it.

The Community is one of the best ways to connect with you – it’s an online platform where we provide important information on all things Revolut. This space allows like-minded people to come together, spark conversations, as well as learn and speak out about the brand and its overall purpose.

Why is the Community so important?

The Revolut Community is an essential part of achieving our goal to Deliver WOW and put our customers first. We want to build strong connections with you. This platform offers a place where you can engage with one another, discover new information, and learn more about our brand and what we’re trying to do at Revolut. We want our Community to be an environment created for customers and led by customers.

But as Revolut grows, we’ve been asking ourselves how we can build a better Revolut Community to meet your needs and offer more value to you. We wanted to build something that delivers a consistent, personal, and responsive experience. So, we came up with a new approach dedicated to monitoring the Revolut Community and better engaging with you, starting with our new Community caretaker.

A new Community caretaker

With as many as 800k – that’s right, almost one million – monthly visits to the Revolut Community, we decided it was time to change our approach, and to give you all someone who will dedicate 100% of her time to you. So, let’s give a warm welcome to Mariana, your new Community Devotee.

Mariana is from Portugal, has been with Revolut for almost 3 years, and she’s currently working on the relaunch of the Revolut Community, and she is excited to share it with you. By providing feedback around the Community topics, you can be part of the process of building something that works for you.

Mariana can’t wait to know more about you, such as: where you’re from, how long you’ve been using Revolut, and what your favourite features are. .

To kick things off, we decided to change the structure a bit. You’ll now see a lot more of Revolut engaging with you on topics and providing replies to your most urgent questions. The first step is simple: allowing you to quickly and easily get help from the Community, be it from us or from other customers.

So, what’s changing in the Community?

Shifting our approach

We want you to feel our presence, so our Caretaker will be around almost every day, and she can’t wait to get more input from you.

We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the space, and therefore she’ll make sure that the Code of Conduct is being followed. She also wants to hear from you regarding what you would like to see in the future, so feel free to reach out if you have anything relevant you’d like to discuss.

Increasing availability

Whenever you need to get help, our Community is there for you, 24/7, 365. We’re there for you, but we also hope our users can help each other out, from FAQs to technical issues. And when you need extra support, our new Community Caretaker will be available as quickly as possible.

Oh, and did we mention that in the future we’ll have brand advocates who get exclusive access? These people will be Revolut Stars who help out others with amazing knowledge that our Community members get directly from Revolut. So, keep an eye out for that.

Improving the Community structure

The improvements also include a new organisation of the Badges and Categories for you to post on, and maybe even a redesign of the layout.

The Revolut Community will be even more fun, engaging, and interactive, so you can more easily navigate the platform and find answers to your questions.

This relaunch will help us provide you with a better user journey, so we can save your valuable time and boost your experience.

Introducing a Community Membership

And what if we told you we want to develop a Loyalty Program? How would you feel about it, and what might you like to see? Let us know via the Community. We want to Deliver WOW in every Revolut corner, so you can feel like you’re part of it.

Want to help us with our Community relaunch? We love feedback

At Revolut, we’re all ears. We believe there’s always room for improvement. So, if you have any further suggestions or feedback on our coming improvements, please share them with us on the Revolut Community.


Will you be remaining with Discourse as the Community platform?


Hi @Graham_Lees :wave:

Yes, for now Discourse will be our Community platform :r:

But feel free to share your thoughts on it :pray:


I use Discourse for other sites I frequent regularly and have no problems with it or navigating my way round it. It has the flexibility required and is a stable platform which receives regular updates including their own Discourse Meta site which can be quite helpful.


Will there be a paid plan for community members? :thinking:

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Hi @Mattia95 :wave:

There will be no paid plans in the Community, our Community is free to use for everyone :pray:

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Revolut offer skills? :wave::medal_sports:

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:wave: @felipepimentel !

What skills would you like to see around here? :thinking:

Very much depends on what skills you are thinking about.
The Community members themselves have many broad skills in their day to day lives when using :r: and I have seen some remarkable and unexpected responses from quite a wide selection of questions over time.
Ask away… see how the Community can help you.

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Thank you by answer.


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I just found link to this post reading the old blogs!
I did give a feedback recently and was told no one from Revolut reads this forum. So that is maybe not fully true.
Plus i think my feedback was not really appreciated (at least that is what i felt).

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In more recent times and with a new community manager on board in @Mariana_Rodrigues the whole look and feel of this place has morphed in to a more friendly and supportive place.
I believe you will now find that comments are appreciated - particularly constructive ones - and the community will collectively do their utmost to provide guidance within their remit and capability directing users towards possible solutions.
Outrageous bitching without proper purpose on the other hand…

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That’s exactly right @Graham_Lees :clap:

@vampyren Always feel free to share your feedback here, I will do my best to help on the matter :smiling_face:


Thank you @Mariana_Rodrigues , i will do that!

@Graham_Lees : If you want to be taken seriously and make people feel welcome you should stop calling people’s feedback as “Outrageous bitching”
I work with people myself and work in software development. For me every feedback is valuable and brings insight. If something is unclear, you ask. But you never ever insult people.
As an ex: with my own feedback, When i get accused other motives", no idea what that was about!

You’ve been a member here long enough now to realise this is a user led community so I am suspicious about your real motives in posting this content.

Or when i get blamed for being a “problematic” customer…

I think we as a community should aim for higher standard! (maybe just me)

On the other hand, How you take in feedback internally and do something about it is another matter.

Anyway i love the product and looking forward for even more features (withdraw of crypto would be awesome).
Merry Christmas to you all!

well, it’s all very simple really @vampyren .
If you think you are being abused, then click on the image icon below the post concerned and flag it as you deem appropriate.

Sadly you are missing my point once again @Graham_Lees !
If Revolut is serious about being better and using feedback as a tool for that purpose people should not take feedback personally like you and Carl does!

My point was taking feedback seriously and putting yourself into the customers shoe without being judgmental.
Sure i would flag it if it went overboard, which i did not think it did. Still as a customer it did feel very bad / rude to come here to share my experience just to get blamed being a “bad” customer and whatnot.

We can put it behind us. I just hope if the future people working for the community show a little constraint and actually “listen”…