Deliver WOW: Revolut Community – Creating a space to connect with you :r:

just to be clear since you seem to have missed the point… I am just a customer as is @Carl_1460 and to be even more clear, neither he nor I work for the community. I have no idea where you have got that impression from.
People who post in this community with the :r: flair displayed next to their profile picture are generally Revolut employees (but some may have since left).
I hope that is now more clear to you.
If I assist members of this community, I do so entirely voluntarily - as do so many others who have posted fantastic content which is appreciated fully by the community.
Finally, I do not recall anyone here calling you a bad customer. I nor other members like me have any knowledge of your interaction or dealings with the brand but I am pleased on a personal level that you seem to be happy with Revolut. As @Mariana_Rodrigues has said and constantly strives to do so from my own experience sharing feedback here does have a beneficial impact but negativity is often counter-productive and it is difficult sometimes to understand where the motive for that lies.

You’ve been a member here long enough now to realise this is a user led community so I am suspicious about your real motives in posting this content.

You said this is user led community so i thought no Revolut employee reads the posts, even asked about it! And since you have a Star thing i sort of assumed you are one of the people helping others here. I appreciate that to be honest.

Finally, I do not recall anyone here calling you a bad customer.
That was implied. And my issue had nothing to do with the point i was making.
Priority support, yeah right! - #5 by vampyren

You and Carl both point the blame on me for not explaining my issue clearly.
The issue i had was never the problem to begin with!
I have had many chat support experience and once its my turn i expect to talk to someone who replies in a timely manner and actually reads what i write back. But when support writes a generic line and keep disappearing 5-7 minute between each reply and the representative don’t even bother to read your reply it gets very frustrating.
AGAIN this has nothing to do with my issue and everything to do with the support itself.

I hope @Mariana_Rodrigues gets my point here.
Also i really appreciate support and am willing to pay more for it. Which is why i upgraded to metal card. Wanted to see how good it was. Before upgrading i have had better experience to be honest so i was really disappointed over that as well.