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Ah. Fairs, I recall one place not needing them to be valid, can’t remember which bank/institution it was.

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for the same reason as I mentioned earlier. An old now out of date ID document could be worth its weight in gold.
Frightening that people will not take care of such expired documents and dispose of sensibly.
I think an expired DL might be the document you were think of; it sometimes doesn’t expire per se - just that the photo aspect needs renewal after a period but the licence to drive continues as such.
A travel document on the other hand…

I certainly dont want Tom, Dick OR Harry to get my money, but it would be quite nice to be able to get at it myself.

How many failed attempts does it take, Ive been trying for two months. Its not my primary account but has become urgent as two sizeable amounts have been paid in.

HELP please

This is a user forum and not :r: support.

In that respect you may find your time more usefully expended researching [this topic] for ways to contact support outside the app.

I recommend this post. Paragraph 2 mentions 3 failed attempts. There are various ways that will all eventually connect you to the support chat. FAQs - Everything You Need to Know


It may have been while going through referencing for a job at a bank, they didn’t mind outdated as long as it was legitimate IE passport or DL.

My memory is terrible, and I’m only 33 :sob:


hope for you yet then :wink:


Kur Revolut var ziņot par interneta veikaliem krāpniekiem?

Hi @Gita and welcome.
English is the preferred language of the community.
Using Google Translate, I suspect that you wish to report a fraudulent transaction?
If that is the case, [this advice] is critical and you take appropriate action right away.

[This also might be useful]

Do please advise if I have misunderstood your requirement and tell us how matters have been dealt with.


Hello @Graham_Lees :wave:

Thank you for being an active member in the community and helping us streamline the process. We appreciate your active participation. :smiling_face:

@Gita Hope this helps, please feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

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I run a business and am trying to pay employee and need GBIban. I can’t find any support details I can contact ? Can you send me contact details please

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Hi @Lesley23 and welcome
You can contact the business team by using [this form]


Thank you for helping out always @Graham_Lees. :heart:

Hope this helps @Lesley23. :smiley:

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Thanks for the below, as I am only wanting information on how I can pay someone.

I will not be completing this with my firm business information.

Simple question I need a uk GB Iban to make a manual bacs payment. Where to I get this from?


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which jurisdiction are you in as that may be significant in answering your question.

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We are based in Glasgow , Scotland


So what country is your GBP IBAN country code if not GB then?

If the app does not show you the IBAN, only sort code and account no, you can check with IBAN calculators online.

With ”manual payment”, are you referring to a BACS direct debit, where you‘re filling out a form and the payee withdraws the money then? (I don’t understand why one would need one’s own IBAN for initiating a manual transfer otherwise.)

If this is about a direct debit, I’d double check with support if that’s supported. Maybe it’s mentioned in the FAQs.


@Lesley23 When you open a business account with Revolut UK, you’ll get your local sort code, account number, IBAN and BIC as well as correspondence bank details for Swift transfers (although they are usually not needed in my experience).

In terms of sending and receiving money Revolut works pretty much like any other Bank. You can send bacs and faster payments transfers and of course also SEPA and Swift transfers.
As Frank has rightly pointed out, you don’t need to enter your own details when sending money, but you need the correct details of the recipient. Bacs and IBAN do not go together, bacs is always sort code and account number and most adhoc payments will automatically go through faster payments, not bacs. You probably can override this with bulk payments, but I have never used that feature with Revolut.

@Frank I wouldn’t recommend IBAN calculators for Revolut. I know you can use them with any other bank I know of. Unfortunately for both my personal and business account with Revolut the local sort code and account number are not part of the IBAN. I queried this with support and it’s correct. Something about their outsourcing partners.


Yes, that makes sense. Good point. I had this in mind when I recommended to double check with support about the details for direct debit support.