Deleting inactive accounts

Hi guys, I understand that there is no way of completely deleting or hiding inactive accounts (currencies) under the account manager tab.

I think there should be an option to delete inactive accounts (currencies) as I opened some to test them out and now they remain there permenatly .

Can this be changed in a future update, an option allowing us to delete or hide inactive accounts (currencies)?



In the app go to…

Account details

Swipe left on the currency you wish to deactivate and select this option. The currency will then no longer appear in your Accounts.

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They still all appear but the only difference is that they are shaded. Is there anyway to completely delete them. If not I believe revolut should consider this feature in a future update

The major difference is that they no longer appear in your Accounts tab which surely is the main point?

Woudnt you rather have the choice between deleting them completely and making them inactive? Choice is better I believe. Allowing us to have greater control over the app is key in my opinion


I fail to see the point you are trying to make tbh.
Inactive, amd therefore not appearing in the Accounts section, works just fine for me.

The point is that if I want to stop using a currency or add a currency to use on a temporary basis and then not use it again, I would prefer it to no longer appear on the screen (as opposed to show me a list of currencies I don’t want to use any more. The point is to give extra freedom to choose what currencies are displayed on the screen

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I created another account by accident - I will never use that currency.

How can removing it totally?


Here is a legal use case why deleting accounts should be possible:
In France we need to declare all foreign bank account to the government tax ministry. So I’ve tested and created an account in USD to understand this feature… Now I have a new bank account to declare to my government while this account is empty and not used.

So please, allow us to delete unused bank accounts :slight_smile:

all currencies are under one IBAN now so it doesn’t add another account only another currency in that account