Deleting Duplicate Account - App dysfunction


Hi, after I had to upgrade the Revolut App I had to set up my account again. I wasn’t able to link my existing card to my account. Through using the help function I came to understand this is because my phone number has changed. I had to provide details to delete the duplicate account and link my new number to my card. Since providing the details 12 hours ago I have not been able to use the App. I am directed to the Welcome to Revolut portion of the App, have to enter my phone number and create a passcode for my account after which I get the message: “we"re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”. This also means I can’t use the chat function to ask for assistance.
I have tried deleting and reinstalling the App, tried logging in with my old and new phone number and checked if there is an issue with the App.

Can anyone help?



Hey @Stanley9 :slight_smile:

You can access the in-app support chat typing a number linked to an account (doesn’t necessarily needs to be yours), clicking Forgot? when you’re asked for the PIN and then clicking SUPPORT :wink:

If that’s not working, though, you can still contact :r: through Twitter:



Hi Juliopp,

Thanks for your reply.

The App still doesn’t work, it looks like everything has been reset. I never get asked to enter the PIN but to create a passcode for my Revolut account. Unfortunately there’s no option there to click forgot or support.

I don’t have a Twitter account but I assume that’s gonna be the only way to get in contact with someone in the Revolut team. :frowning:



Hey @Stanley9 :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not the only option :wink:
Check some more ways to reach :r: here:




I’ve tried Twitter, Facebook and email. Thanks :slight_smile:



Let me know if you need help :slight_smile:



Hi Andreas, I do need help :slight_smile: Can you please help link my card to my new phone number?