Deleting account

How i can delete phone number and email address from Revolut?

Why you want do this? Is a change of the number you want or a closed acc?

But this app want to take ALL my private data and not giving me options for remove them etc. For me is 100% scam. It can work, but focuses on collecting information only.
I wan’t to delete my phone number. My account is not activated and never used before.

You can write the support for that. There are much options to stay. Like free atm withdrawal or free multi currency spending

This support is a live bot…

Send „Live Agent“ in the chat for chat with a human

I dont have access to app support as i have accidentally created a second account with same credentials when lost my phone. Maybe you know who can help me ?

Hi, I have same problem. i need to delete my email address. Is there any way to do it ?