Deleted App to Update and Now Can't Access My Account



I wasn’t receiving Revolut notifications on my iphone so I deleted the app with the intention of downloading a new version to fix this problem. In doing so I forgot that I had failed to update my new mobile number. I’m now locked out of my account.

I’ve seen reference to people saying that there should be an option for those who can’t receive the code sent out to an old mobile, but I am not getting this option. Just one to send the number again.

Can somebody please offer a suggestion here. I’m currently in the States and need access to my card on a daily basis.




You can always contact us on support chat and we can update the phone number for you or provide you with the SMS code!


Thanks, Larysa. I’ve been on hold with support now for over 45 minutes. Any idea how long this is going to take?


Almost an hour now. This is a joke.


After waiting for more than an hour on hold, the person I spoke to couldn’t solve my problem. His answer was a copy and paste that i’d already seen on here. He told me to reinstall the app and thatt he would be waiting to pick up my chat. Obviously that hasn’t happened and i’m back on hold. How is it possible that a service for which I pay a monthly fee can have such poor customer service?
@larysa.stachowicz i’d love the thoughts from the revolut team on this


It should not force you to exit out of the chat even if the app is reinstalled as long as the chat remains active. I have written you a private message to get more details so I can see what happened in this case.