Delete virtual card and create new one

What happens if I cancel my virtual card and then create a new one ? Is It going to be the same numbers or a different card ?
Am I going to be charged for the new virtual card ?
How often can I delete and recreate a virtual card ?

Hello @jeremie31,

If you cancel your virtual card (terminate) and order a new card, then the numbers won’t be the same. However, you can block and unblock the same card :slight_smile:

Any additional card is 5ÂŁ.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K

So if I delete the one I have, then I will have 0 virtual card.
At that point if I create a virtual card, I will then have 1 virtual card TOTAL, is it going to cost 5pounds ?

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@anon33247966: can you please reply @jeremie31, because your answer wasn’t clear to me, too

If you have 1 virtual card and terminate it and order a new one, you won’t be charged as technically it will be your first card