Delete Revolut Community Account


I would like to know how to delete my Revolut Community account?


Do any staff read these questions??


Please help… need to delete my Revolut Community account.


If you click on you profile at the top right corner, click on the gear icon and there should be a button for deleting your account.


Thank you for responding yw13099.
I have looked before and just looked again, but could not find such a button.
Perhaps it is not there, or I am just missing it?
Any more specifics on its location?


And when you scroll all the way down…

Hope the screenshots help!


Thank you, that helps.
The “Delete My Account” button is not there.
Maybe its because in my case, I was never able to create a proper Revolut account since I am in Canada. But I do have a Revolut Community account, which is what I would like to delete?
Thanks again.


Any further suggestions?


Yes, just don’t use it.


It’s probably not very common for anyone to do this?

Support is probably your best bet.


Actually, you can reach them on Twitter (@RevolutApp) and on as well :slight_smile:


Sucks badly. A comunity account users cannot delete or “unjoin”. VERY BAD. Says it all, really.
Refrain from stupid and irrelevant replies which do not solve the issue.


same situation here. unacceptable. it is the 1st time I cannnot unjoin from a community.
I doubt if this is legal within the heavily regulated EU.


Comments like that aren’t likely to illicit help from people who are, in the main, only ordinary users of the service like yourself.

Why don’t you see if support will help you?