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That’s unusual. Could you clarify if your employer wants to pay in GBP or in EUR?
If they want to pay in GBP, but using your IBAN, I think you will have some fees if you use Revolut.

Let’s wait for others to confirm (or not…) :pray:

Are you really sure you need to provide all of these details? You might want to talk to your employer about this again, it’s usually either sort code + account no or IBAN + BIC.

It would be best to provide them the details as shown under “local” – for both GBP or EUR salary payments.

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Thanks for your answer! I’m 99% sure they pay in GBP. It’s weird that they demand both IBAN/SWIFT and Sort Code and account nbr…

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I see.

That’s indeed strange. You can of course provide them the details as shown under SWIFT + the reference code (they seem to be aware of the importance of these codes since they deliberately mention them), but with this details, your salary will take a different route.

There is no logical reason why someone would need both standards. The local UK standard only uses sort code + account no, while other countries and the SEPA area decided to use the standard with IBANs + BIC that was introduced by SWIFT for international transfers. It seems really arbitrary to ask for both.

Having said this, IBANs are really just the old bank numbers in a new coat. From sort code + account no, an IBAN can generically deprived. That is the beauty of the SWIFT system: it uses the old local data standards and generates unique international account numbers called IBANs!

You can use an internet service to look an IBAN up. Like this one:

Put in your account details as shown under “local” and the service would show you the IBAN. If you inspect the IBAN, you will notice that the numbers are just your sort code and account no added to one new long number.

(But I would be careful. Without fully understanding how your employer is going to pay you, I can’t tell you fur sure that everything is going smoothly.)

I worked for big corporation, don’t try fighting procedures… just provide the requested info and wait for it :slight_smile:

Sure, that’s good advice :slight_smile:

The tricky part is to know which info to provide, since the IBAN as shown under “SWIFT” points to a different account than “Local”. I assume that the employer expects IBAN, BIC, sort code, account no. pointing all to the same account.

@jbluhme: the website link I provided also would show you the sort code + account no. of the SWIFT account. It works both ways.

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Hm, It could be that the “local” account simply does not support payments made by the IBAN + BIC standard. That’s why I said it is difficult to say if everything would work as expected without understanding how your employer is actually making the transfer. Are they going to use the international standard or the local UK standard? They certainly won’t do both.

In principle, if they do a domestic UK transfer, they need the details as shown under “local”. If they are doing an international GBP transfer from outside the UK, they need the details as shown under “SWIFT” + the important reference no.

So maybe we’re overthinking this and you can simply provide them all these details the app shows you and it does not matter that they are pointing to different accounts? But that’s something only your employer can tell you.

I think you have given too much detail, and they didn’t read past “I am Swedish”.
Tell them just that you have a GBP account with UK sort code and account number, and ask them to confirm that is all they need.
(What tells that these must be alternatives is that one of the items they list is Roll Number - that will exist only for a building society savings account)


This might very well be the case. I’ll go ahead and ask them, thanks!

Do you mean that building society savings account doesn’t have IBAN?

Most people in the UK would have no idea what an IBAN is, let alone whether any account they have has one. All most people know is sort code and account number, or roll number.

Wouldn’t Monese be better for this specific situation?

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Yes, at least that’s what they advertise on their website.

Really, where did you find this? On this page, only sort code + account no are mentioned. Further down the page, they’re talking about a pooled IBAN.

My bad then, I read the following and thought it was a personal IBAN:

“Simply install our mobile app, and use it to open a personal UK Current Account instantly. There are no credit checks, and you don’t need local proof-of-address”.

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I would rather type data linked to local account.
If you need more data than sort code and bank account you can just generate it using basic data and website:
This will show you bank’s details too.