Delete my virtual card to get a physical card without spare card fee ?


Hi, sorry for being confused about this,

Right after creating my account, I added a virtual card for free.
I used it to pay online and it worked fine.

However i thought it would be possible to receive the physical card afterwards with the expedition fee (6 £).
I didn’t realize the physical card would be counted as a new a spare card with an additional 6 £ fee. (making it 12 £).

What if I’d like to end up with only one physical card ? Should I delete my virtual card first, so I won’t pay for the spare card fee ?

Am I wrong thinking one physical card is enough as it can be used for both real life shops and online shops ? On the contrary virtual card can (obviously) only be used online.

If one new Revolut user want a physical card (only), he has to pay for the expedition fees, but the spare card fees should not be required, right ?

Thanks for your clarifications (I read about those topics but I’m still confused about it and what should I do)

First Revolut card costing me £10

Hey @yoric :slight_smile:

This was discussed a while ago on the forum, and I think I remember you didn’t have to pay €/£ 12 for it.


Yep. This is how it worked for me: Deleting the virtual card and getting the physical one for the 6€-shipping fee (but not paying the spare card fee…)
Good luck!


Thanks raimerik for sharing your experience.
I just deleted my virtual card and ordered a physical one,
All in all, 6€ have been deduced from my account :grinning:


Great Juliopp, thanks for your answer !
It actually cost me 6€, deleting my virtual card beforehand, so everything’s fine :slight_smile: