Delete contact on Revolut

Using the app Revolut on IOS , I can not find the option to delete a contact.
Indeed, if you already sent a payment to one of your contact and then you deleted this contact on your phone , this contact still stay on Revolut and we can’t hide it and remove it (it could be frustrating when it is last girlfriend/boyfriend.
The solution would be an option to delete the contact directly from the Revolut app.


I do have the same problem. I can not find the option to delete a contact using the app Revolut on IOS. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks!

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Swipe left: Details. Then scroll down for Delete.

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Not working on IOS unfortunately

It does, I use iOS myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh interesting.
May you send me the screenshot please where exactly you scroll left ?
Because I try to do it since long time but did not work.

Oh, you might be talking about sharing the phone address book with Revolut. I don’t use that „Friendsa feature, I add contacts manually if needed.

It’s weird because I deleted my friend on the Revolut contact but it still appears as a contact when I want to send money to someone and impossible to delete it using your method “scroll left”.

For me it is not working

Sounds like the „recents“ section? They’re probably just overwritten with more recent transfers once they appear?

Yes exactly it is the recent section when you want to send a payment.

Yes good question probably contacts will disappear after a while if more recent contacts. Unfortunately I do not have the option to delete it manually in scrolling left.