Delete card history spending


add a function to delete card spending history

Deleting transaction confirmations in log

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Could you please let us know why you would like to have the option to delete your transaction history?


I just think its a good idea,keeps the app neat and tidy.


While this proposal might have some ground, it’s hard to see to what extent it would be useful.
In fact, one can easily see that it opens the way to all sorts of dangers. It could be exploited as a loophole if an account is hacked, as the legit customer might not realize in time that illicit transactions were conducted.
To the best of my knowledge, no bank currently offers the possibility of deleting part or all of your transaction history : why would Revolut venture into such a marshy, shady process ?



That’s absolutely right! Transaction history is the greatest proof of your card transactions.


For me it’s not so much credit card transaction, but more the sending of money to other revolut users.

If someone gains access to my phone, I may not be happy to leave a trace that I gave some money to someone. Maybe another solution would to have the options to hide certain transactions for security reasons and proctect by PIN to unhide them.



Yes, it sounds good.
Thank you


the app is protected by pin or fingerprint… pretty hard for someone to be able to unlock your phone and then unlock the app, with two different pins or without your finger