Delete account and use the number for another one


I have a Revolut account on which I want to change the phone number linked to it. But, by mistake, I already tried to create a second account with the other number (but I didn’t added a top up card or made any transactions with it). My wish is to have that second account deleted and still being able to use that phone number for changing into my current account. Can you please help me?



So you want to switch the number of the second account to your first? You should contact support for this. They can delete the second account and should be able to free the number, so you can assign it to your actual account.



Hi Alessandro, I already tried to contact support, but even if the estimated time was 4h, I got an answer after 12h while I sleeping, and now it doesn’t seem that I can start a new session to get a new agent and nobody answers on the existing one (not even Rita)



What did they say?

Try to type “resolved” and then “live agent” again to start a new session. It could be however that they escalated your ticket and thats why you havent got a response yet (but that depends on what they responded), second-level support can take some time. In that case restarting the session might not be that advisable.



The agent who responded was just asking for my account details, I will try to close the session as you advised and get a new one opened



If nothing else works drop @AndreasK a private message.




I’ve replied to your direct message.



Hi iv been trying to find a way to delete my current account so i can make a new one with a new number. I moved all the money i had in it to my brother account like i was told to but now i dont know how to delete it. Please help <3



I am looking at Delete account and use the number for another one and it seems you can help.

I have my account created with one telephone number. I then got a new phone and new number, so when I logged into Revolut, I entered my new number which means it created a new account.

I then realised I should have logged into my original account and then changed my telephone number. I logged into my account and tried to change my telephone number to my new one and it now says it’s already in use.

How do I solve this as I can’t receive anything now via the mobile number registered to my account as I can’t access it.