Delays in processing refunds


Interesting problem arose in a large department store retailer in the USA - Wanted to purchase an item from their on line store as the size wasn’t available in the store and their online system couldn’t handle the Revolut card due to CVV no.s for international cards (a problem for all international debit and credit cards). So purchased a gift card in the store and tried to use it immediately on line but didn’t work. Store then decided to ‘refund’ the money to my Revolut card by voiding the original sale on their system. This was in early June! Luckily I took photos of all the relevant receipts and documents and despite contacting both the store and Revolut, the issue was initially not resolved. In late July I eventually filled out a charge back form and returned same to Revolut. I’m told that it could take 45 days (that was on the 26th July) so expect it will get sorted out soon.

Lesson - take photos of paperwork / receipts if you think you may have a problem and ask for a contact to liaise with at a vendors site. It seems to be a bit of a tortuous way to resolve problems but I suspect it will get smoother as Revolut grows in experience


This issue has been now resolved. Refunds are automatically processed in the user’s account as soon as they’ve reached our end.


Andreas, why is it that refunds still take a couple of days to appear, whereas charges are taken immediately?