Delayed transactions

Hi, i recently made a couple of expenses in hotels in Canada and they charged in both situations the same reservation twice. One is pending and the other as delayed transaction.
Also one of the hotels also charged more for card verification wihtout informing…
is there any way we can prevent this type of situations?
currently I’m down by almost 100 EUR because of these trnasactions…

Does anyone know how long these normally take to be reverersed?

Hey MacBern

If the transactions are marked as completed and they have duplicate transactions. Then the best thing is to contact the Hotels where it happened. If they won’t refund or help solve this then contact support and start with Chargeback Process!

Never use a prepaid card to guarantee a reservation, whether it be for a hotel or a hire car. Use a prepaid card only to make payment. Always use a credit card for guaranteeing a reservation, so that only the card issuer’s money, and not your own money, is temporarily blocked.

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It is wise idea (about using cc) - but I can tell you this - can you imagine credit card without any credit limit where client puts their own money (same as on debit card)? Such cards exists!
I guess its just not common. In this scenario your advise will not work as money which gets reserved will be clients money, not card issuer’s (banks) money.

Please don’t scare people. This is false, because if a transaction is bogus or fraudulent, the card holder disputes it with the card issuer a long time before any payment becomes due. Then the card issuer has to suspend the transaction pending an investigation. I regularly guarantee amounts to my American Express charge card (which has no credit limit) with total safety.

hmm, I dont see how info what you replied to what I said is related at all. I am saying that there is (can be) genuine, non bogus credit cards without credit limit. Maybe this concept is unknown in usa, I dont know. I’m talking about .EU :slight_smile:

I see. I misunderstood. If you’re referring to the likes of a DKB Visa card in a kind of pseudo-savings account, then it’s not a true credit card, even if DKB call it a credit card.

Hi, can someone tell me how long refund / card payment is taking place please ? Ive received refund on my card last friday, but its still doesnt show up in my card ?