Default the home screen to the currency of your choice


When you launch the App, the default currency is the Pound. From what I understand, you want to be a global company, so users should be able to choose the default displayed currency.
Or is that behaviour a side effect of the Brexit :wink:

Choose default currency
App design currency sections

Yes! And with that an option to change/see the “home currency”. :upside_down_face:


I would really like to see this feature too. Mainly using EUR in Europe and it’s annoying to always have to switch to EUR after the app starts.


Hi @pvk, the base currency can be GBP, USD or Euro and it’s based on where you set up your account. You can convert your balance to Euro or your card will auto-convert your balance to the currency you’re spending in.

GBP base currency, but only want to hold USD

I think what he wish (and I do too) is the option to display first the base currency instead of GBP for everyone. Display in first position EUR, then GBP and USD for users with EUR base currency for instance. :slight_smile:

App design currency sections

@andreas.kapsos Here is what I see every time I start the app. It always defaults to GBP. Even if I opened my account in France and mainly use my card in Euro based countries.


I think the quick win for most people would be to show the currency with the highest value. For most of us, that would be the one currency we are generally interested in.


You asked and we listened!

You can now see your base currency and no need to swipe every time.


Hi AndreasK!

Now I see the Euro account each time I open Revolut, and I have only GBP in my account, the rest are zero. So when I open the app it takes me to a zero account that has no transactions on. I have to swipe to the GBP one.

What we are asking for is a way to decide ourselves which is the home (default) currency. Would that be possible?


Hello @mbalaban,

You always see first your base currency, and not the currency you have funds in, and your base currency is EUR.


Andreas K.


Hi @AndreasK
I see where you’re coming from.
Is there any way to change my base currency? I never opted for Euro.
As @Kit was saying, generally the people are interested in the highest value account. I think as well that would be a good idea.


Why is there a difference between users? My home screen is the currency that was last displayed when I shut down the app, which is fine by me. Choice, however is always good (I would prefer my base currency not the highest value one).



It shouldn’t be like this @badskittler. You should always see first your base currency and not the currency that was last displayed.

Can you log out and log back in? :grin:


@AndreasK logged out and back in, uninstalled and re-installed app and it still re-opens on the last used currency. Has done this as long as I can remember and certainly for several versions. But this is exactly how I want it to work :slight_smile:


Ok thank you for letting me know. Can we get in touch via DM?


Mine works the same as badskittler after logging out/in, uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Whatever currency was the last one displayed on the home screen is always the one that shows up when I go back into the app. My base currency is GBP which it’s usually kept on so I can check USD exchange rates but will want to keep USD as my base/front screen currency when I go to the USA in a couple of weeks


Are you using Android or iOS?


@AndreasK I’m now using Android 6.0.1 on a Blackberry DTEK50.


@AndreasK I’m also Android 6.0.1 on a Blackberry Priv

Maybe it’s a Blackberry thing… :slight_smile:


It could be! :slight_smile: