Default currency option



It might be that there is an idea already here about the default currency. Is such an obvious and basic feature, from my point of view, that I’m amazed it does not exist already. I feel like right now with the crypto introduction into the Revolut app is even more needed. The problem is the following, if I have multiple funds in different currencies, including crypto, the logic that the app is using for payments/withdrawals is:

  1. If Funds exist in the the currency of the Merchant/ATM then use that currency- funds.
  2. If the currency of the Merchant/ATM is in a different currency than any of your funds than the currency with the biggest fund will be used.

Let’s say I’m in SGP and I have funds in EUR (150)/ ETH ( 100 )/LTC(51)/BTC(75) and I want on a daily basis to use LTC for my payments in SGP I’m not able to do so as EUR will always be picked up. I would like to pick up LTC temporary as my base currency to be used.

Most probably you need to do a triangulation as no direct SGD - LTC exist so in this case I would expect like USD ( or my profile base currency ) to be picked up or to have an algorithm to choose which triangulation currency to use to most benefit the exchange I’m about to do.

From my point of view, I think is a bit annoying as I’m rarely keeping any FIAT ( unless I travel abroad) on my Revolut and lately I’ve been keeping only crypto funds constantly.

I’m located in the EUR zone, but if I want to withdraw/pay I would like to be able to select which crypto fund to use, there are reasons why I would choose Litecoin for small payments rather than Bitcoin or ETH even though it might not be my biggest fund right now.

Thank you!


You can use crypto funds if the amount is minimum of 10€

To avoid spending from EUR account if it’s the base currency, exchange in another currency and deactivate that account.