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Hey! I’ve made withdrawals from several times from without any problem, but today my withdrawal has been rejected by revolut to the same account. The description say in the the revolut app the following: AWV-Meldepflicht-Beachten

What could be the problem?

Thank you!

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You might want to search this forum, this has been discussed pretty recently, including an explanaiton about what is going on.

Been looking on forum but found no explanation

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C’mon, there is a thread called Kraken withdrawal or something. It comes up on 4th position when I search for Kraken. :wink:

I was thinking that you were talking about an official explanation not some users complaining.

I don’t have a link, but a user quoted a support agent. In the linked tread or in another one about it. You can also find a statement about it on their twitter.

They no longer support Kraken exchange. I confirmed this yesterday with a support agent via chat.

They also provided me with a whitelist of supported exchanges.


Thanks for the replies. I really liked revolut but now I’m deeply disappointed. Please recommend me alternatives to make SEPA withdrawal from Kraken (not Fire, because I’m not living in the UK).

Bye Revolut :\

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Is this list still valid?
I also cannot use Fire because i am not living in their supported countries