Declined transactions, support not loading!


Third week in a row I have had declined transactions at random with funds available. When you message they almost never respond.

So far I have had to abandon a trolley full of shopping at the supermarket, and cancel my trip today because I couldn’t buy a ticket with the card in the train station and had to rearrange appointments. sketchy issues on the app. Transactions not updating, They have deactivated chat support and it isn’t loading properly so you can’t even speak to anyone to get it sorted.

And they want you to PAY for premium. Outrageous.

It was great for a while but What do you do when you can’t even get an explanation or call someone? I’m assuming the fact that support is deactivated is due to overload of complaints.


I have the same problem, declined transactions. I suspect their service has some problem. However, there should be something around banking rules about inavailability of funds / service without informing the customers.


This how the problem should have been handled.

  1. Post on the forum to say what the issue is and reassure us that the team are working hard to fix.

  2. Post on social media same.

  3. Leave the live chat open however place a post intro saying we’re having issues and will provide updates on the forum and social media.

  4. Send out an email alert and if possible a phone notification.

  5. Once resolved update us users. Let us know what has been done to prevent further issues and apologise.

Instead you just left us high and dry. Paying users PAYING!!!

This is not on.


Phone notifications would have been the quickest. Then following with everything you said.

It’s shocking service really, I was seriously considering premium but not any longer.


Declining again today