Declined transactions and blocked card in spain

Hi, I’ve been in Spain for the past couple of days and will be for another week. My card has been touch and go. It’s works and then all of a sudden starts declining transactions. I unblocked it in the app and then again yesterday went to have dinner and again, declined. This time with no card block but to contact support. I’ve waited nearly 24hours and no message from support. This is crazy, what kind of support is this? This is the same thing that happened to me in Mexico earlier this year, but unlike then I had cash.

Hello @aliyua :slight_smile:

It’s not your card’s fault, but :R:.

There has been a major technical incident that affected the app and card transactions, and nothing worked like it should. The support delay was also caused by that :frowning:

Your card should be working normally now :ok_hand:

You can:

I was considering moving to premium but I don’t think so. The support infrastructure seems rubbish even at premium. why do you have to rely on Twitter to get info? I use monzo as well and the moment there’s an issue you are told. I will try it and if it gets declined again I am clearing my account and moving to cash.

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Hey there @aliyua :slight_smile:

Nobody knows. It’s a mistery (I’m not being ironical)


My card was blocked after a few payments with the same amount of money, and now I cannot see it in the app. How can I unblock it?


Hi there,

Please send me a private message so that I can help out with your account.