Declined POS sales being charged


I had 3 transactions declined at POS but still It was accounted for in my balance. Also I had a POS that was aproved but states declined in my transactions balance

. Can you help clear this please ? I tried to chat, but all messages fail to be sent.

Thank you


I just had the same problem : the transaction was reverted 2hours later.

Before panicking ( wich is natural depending of the amount :slight_smile: ) just check if your transaction is PENDING.

If it’s the case no need to panick as it will probably be reverted.


The problem is pending transactions still block the amount.


Yea I know it’s a real problem, in my case it was 24euros :slight_smile:


Its the fault of the Staff.

This happened so many times in Indonesia, to me. I dont know what they do, at the POS.
But, you will get it back. Wait a couple of days.


This is normal. Pending = blocking the Amount. Its like a Deposit for Hotels and so on.
Just wait.


Not necessarily their fault, it is rather due to yesterday’s payment issues. If it was declined it shouldn be blocked or pending.


It’s not pending or blocked. It’s just transacted and out of my balance (plus I paid in cash so at the moment its double the expenditure)

On the other hand, my approved transaction that show’s up as declined has also been reverted into y balance.

So as things are I’m currently with surplus credit.


What do you mean by not pending or blocked? So it says completed?


Yes Allesandro, that is precisely what has happened !


Could you post a screenshot of that transaction? Just redact any confidential data.


Yes of course I can. I don’t know how attachments work on this message board as I’m replying through e-mail.

But as you can even see, I was charged twice for the same product on the same store at the same time, because after being declined, the store clerk tried again. I didn’t fall for the same mistake later on the 3rd transaction described as “Arena”


This is the transaction overview, I was referring to the transaction details. Could you open one of them and post that screenshot?


Like this Alessandro ? Btw, the “declined payment” of my hostel has now been debited as a “Delayed Layment”. But no change on POS declined payments debited from the transaction (2nd attachment)


You seem to have scrolled down to the bottom of the transaction details, right? Can you scroll up and post that screenshot? That is where the transaction status should be stated.


Good one Alessandro ! It reads “Pending” !


So yes, its pending :slight_smile: