Declined payments

Second day in a row my payments are being declined. Fix ASAP!!!
Card 5391232053135237

Mine has started AGAIN today!

Vacation in Mauritius.
Before living tried to pay on and Airbnb for my stay using revolut card. Declined
Used my regular credit card instead.
While, there, really strange things happening.
Most of the times the card was declined, but for example in a supermarket it was accepted for a few times and then declined again. So frustrating : (
Wanted to use this tool for all transactions abroad but all I get is cashiers looking at my face with that strange look… and a lot of fees from my bank.
Tried support while there and spend a whole day waiting for the live agent … that never came up.
Had to give up. All this happened as well on a previous holliday to the caribbean.
Anybody can help me ???

Same problem here, I can’t pay or withdraw. I have check that my card is not blocked, I have money on it and haven’t reach the monthly limit.
Please help!!