Declined payments still deducted


I used my revolut card in the USA.
2 of these payments were declined but still deducted from my balance.


01/10/2017 - 8h45 to MTA Vending Machines : 33$
04/10/2017 - 12h00 to FIve Guys-Ny #1499 : 30,32$


I’ve got the same problem in UK. Just 2 hours ago.
Tried to pay in shop 55GBP Declined and deducted.
Tried to withdraw from ATM as i was thinking something is wrong with card (Tried to withdraw 100GBP and it was declined and deducted from account)
So now iam -155GBP for nothing. HELP US


Good Luck getting it back… Can take up to 7 days,

ATM declined transaction but funds removed from balance (USA)

Same here, two transactions with the card in UK yesterday, one declined, one marked as successful, but the money never reached their destination. Still, substracted from my balance. Support sends automated massage that they will be available for chat after 24 hours, because they are busy. Is this a joke?


Thread opened in “other stuff”. We are a number of people waiting for getting our money back whereas Revolut says the problem is solved…


I have just been texting them and they said up to 7 days.

My card, once I have the money back, will be cancelled and disposed of. This company is nowhere near professional.

ATM declined transaction but funds removed from balance (USA)

This behaviour is standard for debit cards.

Once the issuer has authorised the transaction, the purchase amount is blocked on the account and the transaction becomes ‘pending’, but the funds are not directly transferred to the merchant.

To receive the funds, the acquirer (Starbucks’ bank) must first send the issuer (Revolut) a presentment to be processed by the card network before arriving at Revolut. This process can take place up to 7 days after the POS authorisation is accepted, although this can vary depending on many factors.

After receiving the presentment, Revolut is obliged to settle to MasterCard (consequently to the acquirer and then to the merchant) the funds for the authorised amount.

Finally, Revolut (the issuer) deducts the ‘blocked amount’, which travels through the card network over to Starbucks’ bank (the acquirer). At this point, the transaction has settled (it is no longer pending) and will appear on your statement.

ATM declined transaction but funds removed from balance (USA)
Revolut payment denied - still taken off my account

This is NOT a debit card


Revolut’s cards are (pre-paid) debit cards.