Declined online transaction on Australian website

I have just tried to pay for some concert tickets on an Australian website but the transaction keeps being decline.

There is enough funds on my account and the Online transactions toggle switch is set to blue on the app.

Could someone please advise.

Visa or Mastercard?

I found that Visa does not work well in the east? MasterCard works no problem online?

Hey I have checked this for you!

Card Settings: Ecommerce transactions disabled :slight_smile:


What’s that setting and where can I find it???

Can you please confirm how these can be enabled?

Hopefully once my Ecommerce transactions have been enabled this should resolve my issue.

Thought I’d also just mention that the ticket vendor ( informed me that it uses a “3rd party verification system for online transactions. When a transaction doesn’t pass this verification it may decline the purchase.”

Not sure if will likely cause an issue with the transaction? Do you know if the Revolut card (my card is a VISA) would struggle with this verification?

You can find all the card settings within the app -> Card section - Settings!

NO, you cannot. There is a setting to disable on line transactions under ‘security’ but this is already set to off.

Just to be sure there is not a misunderstanding:

OFF= online transactions are disabled
ON = online transactions are enabled

Maybe you just had it wrong?