Declined Cash Withdrawal


Im due to travel to Germany on Monday.

I’ve topped up my account and verified the card, i have also made purchases in Sterling on the card with no issues.

However, i have attempted to withdraw money from a cash machine which supports Mastercard several times and it’s declined, the most recent instance being today. There are sufficient funds available.

Can anybody advise why it’s repeatedly been declined? I liked the idea of topping the card up and withdrawing abroad but now i’m getting second thoughts.

Not sure if this applies to your situation, but for some reason I’m unable to withdraw cash from Sainsbury’s ATM’s (they report the service is temporarily unavailable). They did use to work, but recently no longer do so. I’ve never had issues elsewhere though…

My first attempt was at a sainsbury’s, after contacting the live support last week they informed me the same

So today i attempted to use TSB cash machine and the same issue occurred. Unfortunately i don’t have the time to be waiting 15 minutes on live support hold so opted for the forum.

do you have any of the security features enabled, that could be causing the block?

Same here, I tried sainsburys, tsb and asdas all said the same thing

Just try another ATM, preferably from a bank or one which is located inside a branch. Not every ATM takes the :r: and is letting you withdraw cash. In Germany, it works fine with Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Sparkasse and Raiffaisenbank. I have an account which each of these Banks and I tried :r: with all kinds of ATMs in Germany. Just the unbranded ones are a bit sketchy and might not take the :r:
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