Declined card


Im in the USA. Sometimes card is accepted, sometimes it’s declined. No pattern. It’s incredibly annoying & means I keep having to use my credit card, which I didn’t want to :rage: Any suggestions?


Hey @Sjg1703

Very sorry to hear that. Did you try to reach our our support team so we can take a closer look into your account?


No I haven’t. Do I have to ring them? It has just worked again this morning- very erratic.


Sure there is pattern! At least i found one in my country. Some banks just accept it,
Some NOT. I dont know why REVOLUT doesnt admit that the card is NOT ACCEPTED EVERYWHERE.


My card is blocked and I need it to print my train ticket as I bought one to travel


The only time I have found the card not to work is some automated petrol stations and tolls, if its a transaction non automated with a person its fine.


It’s a security feature we have behind the scenes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please note you can block/unblock the card from the card section of the app at any time.