Declined Card on Website but transaction show as completed in Revolut app

First time of using my Revolut card today, buying tickets on the Stockholm Arlanda Express website for travel in three weeks, followed process on the site, all details correct, error message at end told me card declined, but I had notification from Revolut app that transaction had gone through and accordingly my SEK balance had reduced by the 350 SEK spent. App says six hours waiting time for live agent assistance which in my opinion is unacceptable and I see from reading this forum that this has been an issue for others also!!! Please advise, I have also email the customer service of Arlanda Express to see what they say.
Given this is my first time of using and I encounter an obstacle that leaves me with less funds but no travel tickets to show for it, I have decided to withdraw all other money from the app and use another brand of card.

A further update - I have had contact with customer service at Arlanda express who cannot find a booking based upon my details. They have checked twice. Upon checking the transaction in the app it says transaction is either awaiting approval at client end or reversal of funds. WHERE IS MY MONEY? Once again, 12 hours to get a live chat agent on the app, and that’s when that function works as sometimes I get no response at all. Amazing that the Swedish Rail Company responded to me within 12 hours of initially emailing them and so far nothing from Revolut.
I would like a response so i can at least have a timeline of when the money may appear back in my balance. I shall not be using this card again and have indeed now ordered a card from a rival brand whose Euro card I’ve used without issues for years. Well done Revolut, with this dubious product and appalling customer service you are actively driving business to your competitors,

If it awaiting merchant and was declined the merchant declined not revolut. It would comeback to youre balance in up to 45 days