Declined ATM withdrawal, funds still not back on account 10 days later

I tried to make a withdrawal of around £125 from a ATM machine abroad, the transaction was declined but the money I had in my account was taken even though I never got any cash out the machine and shows declined on my revolut statement yet shows in my monthly spending :confused: , I contacted support at the time and was told that I had to wait 10 days for the money to show back on my account.

It’s been 11 days today and the £125 is still not showing…

I still don’t understand how when I got a declined ATM withdrawal why the funds don’t just show in my account and are held for a long period of time. Say if I use any bank card and not pre paid and a transaction is declined the money isn’t then sucked from my account for such a long time, it’s still there like nothing happened yet with Revolut have to wait how many days?

Please can someone look into this and sort this out.

Thank You.

Can a support agent please sort this out. Still not showing 12 days now…are you going to keep my money or what?

Hey @ernestalex, please reach out to us on support chat and we can manually revert this for you if its been over 10 days.

I’ve been using my visa for a few weeks. No problems at all! Tried to draw money from an ATM today (twice) both declined (yes there was enough credits to withdraw) now both snowing as pending payments, a total of £100. The ATM was at a supermarket and accepted visa? I really don’t see the problem?

I thought this card was amazing until today. I’m glad I tried it before taking it abroad and being stuck with funds that are pending but have been taken… 7days to resolve isn’t good enough! Especially if you’re on holiday.

What’s the problem with ATM cash withdrawal? I’ve have been reading alot about this being an issue. It could really put someone in a bad situation.