Declined 3 times Charged 3 times

Hi, quite an embarrassing situation happened today. I tried paying 3 times at Hesburger (Helsinki) but all 3 times it was declined, so I was forced to pay with cash (luckily I had enough)

I showed the problem to the cashier guy and he tried to reverse it but without any luck, moreover no receipts with declined transaction were printed

I was charged 3 times

This is unacceptable, could you explain the cause of this embarrassment?


Please check the status of these payments. I am pretty sure that this is “Pending” an sold be reverted within 7 days (usually). If the status is “Completed”- write a claim via in-app chat.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the whole situation Revolut puts me in.

I am not feeling comfortable knowing that my card could fail anytime

Agreed. There have been multiple failures over the last few days. I’m travelling and had 2 declined payments, but the amounts were deducted from my account - so I’m now down £130. Paying this back within 7 days isn’t much use for people travelling! If people can’t rely on this service & get access to their cash it will quickly fail. This whole episode has made my very nervous of using Revolut going forward.