Debits being made against a card I terminated over a month ago!

Today, a debit was made against I virtual card that was cancelled at the beginning of August. When I queried this with Support, the agent just kept parroting the same phrase - it was an offline transaction and these can go through at any time, regardless of card status.


When I asked the agent if that meant that even cards which have been cancelled or terminated, due to being lost or stolen, could be used to make debits against my account, she just repeated the mantra about offline transactions being able to go through at any time, regardless of the actual status of the card (expired or cancelled even).
I can’t believe that even Revolut would allow something like this - once a card is cancelled (for whatever reason) it is surely cancelled, isn’t it? How can debits possibly be made against cards terminated weeks or months earlier?

Is it some flaw in the Virtual card system perhaps? I just can’t believe that if you cancelled a physical card then it could remain open to future debits.

I still don’t properly understand this ‘offline transaction’ explanation, but each time I asked how debits could be made against terminated cards she merely repeated that it was an offline transaction, and such things could happen with offline transactions. :thinking:

Right now, I’m ready to cancel my Revolut account and walk away, because this concept is very disturbing to me. Unless I get some kind of satisfactory answer (which the agent was unable to provide) I don’t see how I can go on using Revolut under these circumstances.

[Background story]
I had an online subscription that proved to be virtually impossible to be cancel - no ability to cancel it online or via email. You had to call a specific phone number given on their website. The problem was that nobody ever picked up. The last few times I tried calling I was on hold for over an hour before eventually being disconnected. My solution to this was to update the billing details on my profile with a newly created Virtual card - the payment validation required you to put in genuine card details. The moment the card details were saved successfully I deleted the virtual card, so it was never active for more than a minute or so. Over the last several weeks, this vendor made dozens of unsuccessful attempts to debit the card, until finally a debit was made against my card today. There were no funds in my EUR account, so they took the money out of my GBP account instead!


If you want the money back you’ll need to file a chargeback I’m afraid. It also worries me if that’s how Revolut deals with fraudulent purchases. A chargeback is long and typically successful, but you’ll need to prove something like how you tried to cancel.

The problem is that my means of cancelling was using a virtual card for the billing details which I then immediately deleted from my Revolut app. See the background story part at the bottom for why I did this (could not cancel via conventional means).

The chargeback form in the app requires proof that you cancelled the subscription explicitly - submitted as a file - which I don’t have. So I could not complete the chargeback.

Hmm. Maybe try contacting the support of the website? Depending on how much this cost you it might not be worth it to try to get it back, but I recommend sending an explicit email saying in no uncertain terms that you have cancelled your subscription and that they are not authorized in any way to charge your card.

Then, if they try to charge you again then you can show this email to Revolut. Make sure to say in the email something like “You may not charge any of my cards, including the one ending in (last four numbers of the Virtual card, you can see these four digits if you tap on the specific transaction within the app) and any attempt to charge these will result in a chargeback filed against you.”

Or, instead of using the app’s chargeback form you could try to contact Support and tell them that it was an unauthorized transaction.

I luckily haven’t had any fraud on any of my Revolut cards so this is just my input, but I hope it turns out well for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hm, sounds like a US based company?

In some states, there are laws that say a subscription that could be bought online also needs to have an option to be cancelled per email or online. You could check if this applies to your case.

Further, document your attempts to cancel. Consider the time zone and try to call them during office hours. Then document every attempt, like making a screenshot of your phone‘s callers list.

I would consider this a violation of your consumer rights and resulting card charges fraudulent. That they are resorting to offline non-authorized card not present transactions is a strong indication that they do everything they can to circumvent security measures.

With your documents showing that you tried to cancel the subscription, a chargeback claim might go through easier.

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Yeah, it’s a US-based company. I had no idea about these offline transactions being able to do that. Right now I’m travelling so I won’t be able to try contacting them again till Tuesday.

Problem is I don’t really have documents showing that I tried to cancel the subscription. It was just a series of abortive phone calls. Fortunately, the amount involved is not huge - it just leaves me feeling very concerned that this kind of thing can happen. And unless I’m able to properly cancel this subscription, once and for all, then there’s a chance that they could debit my account again through this underhand means.

At the moment my only defence against further debits is to maintain zero balance in all accounts. Not exactly why I paid for a Premium subscription!

I thought that Virtual/Disposable cards would protect me against this very eventuality. It seems to be bizarre that I could stop transactions by freezing the card in the app, but by actually deleting the card I seem to have left myself wide open to further deductions! :astonished:

Yeah I agree, it’s very concerning. Completely goes against the idea of a disposable virtual card. Maybe @anon33247966 can weigh in?

It wasn’t a disposable but a regular virtual card, I believe. The point still stands, just trying to avoid this misunderstanding.

Oh yeah, sorry. But it still shouldn’t work after it’s been terminated. I wonder what the behavior is like for other banks? Because I can’t imagine that other companies/banks do this.

Yes, to confirm what Frank said - it was a regular virtual card, not the the disposable kind.

Same thing happened to me with a disposable.
Agents answers are offline payment related as well.
Fue to such trandaction balance of my account went into negative. So maintabing zero balance will not protect from such issues.