Debit card

As i am new to revolut can anyone offer an answer on the following?
In August i will be travelling to Italy and Switzerland and will be transfering funds from my barclays debit card onto my revolut card while i am away
Does anyone know if Barclays charge a fee for this??

There is no fee for transferring funds from your Barclays to your Revolut account. Just don’t use your Barclays card abroad (just your Revolut card) and you’ll be fine.

Thanks for the reply, did not think there was a fee but needed to check.
Deffo wont use the debit card as there is a 2.75% charge, plus will get stung on the echange rate

Make sure all your account is verified,and do some transactions beforehand :slight_smile:
Get another card with you aswell,just so you have backup :+1:

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Thanks for the info.
Card is all verified and up and running, have done a few transactions and all seems to be fine