Debit card without 3d imprinted numbers verification


My account is currently blocked, I didn’t get any support in-app for few days already as I posted my message on 24th and card can only be verified by scan. Scanner doesn’t read my card as it doesn’t have 3D imprinted numbers.

I’m trying to think of new possible ways to verify it and I simply stuck as no one answers on in forum as well.
In addition to that, I found many people face this problem, so maybe it’s time to solve it, what do you say?

With such ambitious goal to be revolutionary card you have to work faster…


On my phone I can just type the numbers in.


It’s for registering but not for unblocking.


Upload a picture of it to the support chat, ask for verification and type ‘live agent’


worked for me as well - same way via a picture over live agent support chat. It was verified in a matter of couple of minutes.


It does seem crazy though, that one can not input the information manually and would have to contact support for this.

Imagine how many people will bother support with such requests as revolut grows…

My own card i wanted to use has this problem, turns out i could not use it due to the 3dsecure bug in the android app and therefor i deleted it for the time being. Would be nice not having to contact support just to verify my card in the future.