Debit Card Upload Limit

I am currently trying to increase my upload limit to more than the €30,000 a year, but what is the Debit Card upload limit?
If it will remain low then how long will a bank transfer take to upload to Revolut?


Hey @andynrodgers :slight_smile:

Your :r: account limit doesn’t affect the amount of time it takes for the transfers to arrive to your account.

SEPA transfers should take 1 working day to reach your account and I don’t really know if there’s any limit on the amount you can top-up through your debit card. I guess there is and also guess it’s limited on a per-account basis, so you could ask the in-app support team or @AndreasK could confirm it for us :smile:

If you exceed your limit, your transfers will remain pending and you’ll be unable to use them until you verify your source of income :wink:

According to the app…

‘Bank transfers usually take a few hours to appear in your Revolut account’

from which I would deduce much like a normal UK bank transfer to another UK account.

As far as limits on Debit card uploads , have a look here
This says there is a limit on newly used debit cards but its not specific.

Thanks @Juliopp and @TonyP.
My worry was when I do get my limits increased , that a bank transfer would take days.

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