Debit card top up and fee charge

I used my debit card to do the first 10€ top up to get my physical card and I was surprisinlgy charged with a 0,10€ fee.

That means the card is being treated as a credit card, charging you a 1% fee. Please reach out on support chat and we can review this with you.

That would be great, if it wasn’t that I’ve been in the chat for 1.5hours getting only bot answers.

Hello, I experienced the same drawback of 1% fee as I used a Eurocard Master Card. The funny thing is that my friend using a credit card has no fee when topping up. Is there a special procedure ?

Is Revolut considered as a bank outside the Euro zone : if it is, it means that each time I top up, my credit card will add an additional commission of 2% for currency change. Which is another drawback : 3% total fee from my point of view.

And since 1 hour, no answer from mobile support chat.

UK is part of SEPA, but not of Euro zone. But you can top up your Revolut account in EUR to avoid exchange fees.