Debit card, not prepaid

How about issuing MasterCard Debit or Visa Debit cards (with 3D secure) instead of the prepaid both? Now you have the agreement to be your own card issuer, in a few words, you can do whatever you want😄. Obviously who needs those kinda cards pays a fee or make it free for premium uses. A lot of merchants do not accept prepaid cards, like rental car agencies, they accept only credit and debit cards. I suppose a lot of students as me use this bank and they cannot afford a credit card due to the impossibility to have a regular income.
Let the possibility to students to rent cars when abroad :innocent:


It’s a good idea !

And a mastercard world elite debit or visa infinite debit for premium members.

Thanks :slight_smile:


This! I’m sick of merchants not accepting the card because it’s prepaid (Cabify, Airbnb).


Patience. I’m sure that the team is working on debit cards, as it is highly requested feature! :r:


Please, debit card !
Prepaid card is not practical and a real major constraint


I really hope this happens soon… otherwise I have to downgrade to standard again and get a MC/Visa from my local bank. :frowning:

Please add 3D secure support. All serious online merchants expect you to use it.


It’s right that Apple Pay is very convenient but the two priorities are:

  • debit card
  • 3D secure

Apple Pay is definitely coming before those two priorities. So telling Revolut to stop development of Apple Pay for those won’t happen.

But now they have a banking license, they can finally work on the debit cards.

And just looking from other fintech banks, 3D secure will take a very long time. Starling is just getting around that for example.

I do not want to stop the development of Apple Pay, but I think the attention is too much on this function…

What is real problem for not implementing 3D secure? Is VISA/Mastercard asking a fortune for this funcion to be enabled? Or does it needs rocket science knowledge to be implemented? Or… ? I’m clueless. :roll_eyes:

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I understand the reasons that some people have for wanting debit cards.
However, I would not like to see the loss of the prepaid card.
For me the attraction the Revolut card is the fact that losses are limited to what is in the account, should the card be lost or compromised.

That’s also possible with debit cards if you disallow overdrafts

That is a fair point. I prefer a prepaid card, with a smaller balance when travelling. As my main account has a greater balance which could be at risk. There is clearly a need for both types of card.

Revolut’s goal is to become a bank. Prepaid cards will be discarded soon.


That will be a shame if it happens.
If so, I will just have to move to another company, in order to have the prepaid service which attracted me. :cry:

I remember R staff (AndreasK) some time ago said in forum, that (issuing) Debit cards is not priority.
^ But maybe its already changed 180 ° , dunno.

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I’d prefer if people can choose which type of card they want.
Prepaid, Debit, Credit.
Prepaid and Debit should also allow a function for maximum “available ballance”, so if the card is lost (and with the annoying fact r-cards don’t support 3D-secure) the possible damage is limited…

Personally, I prefer Debit. Eventough they are the newest of Mastercard/Visa-Cards, they have the fewest problems. Recognised everywhere as “full” card (without the “oh - prepaid cards are not supported”-cases), yet NO credit, as overdrafts can be disallowed (best: individually configured or deactivaded).

But we’ll see - as I do think revolut has some other points they REALY need to address before changing the “card-mapping” (in lack of a better term to use)…

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Brothers,I think we should wait 2-3 years to useful features like 3d secure,Huf top up,debit cards instead of fking prepaid.
Be patient,just few years

I’m not sure what your understanding of this matter is @Windowbox but let me explain in some more detail so you have all the knowledge available in order to aid you with your decision to stick with Revolut or to not do so.

There are different types of card.

  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Cash

So let’s go into more detail into the debit card type, as this is the only one relevant to Revolut.

To start this off, there is both prepaid and non-prepaid.

A prepaid card can either be non-reloadable or reloadable, Revolut is reloadable (obviously). A prepaid card can only use the balance loaded onto the card, or in the case of Revolut’s type of prepaid card, it will get the balance from Revolut during the purchase. If there’s no internet connection that allows this, it’ll be credited to the company when the payment is presented to Revolut. If there’s no balance available and this causes your account to go into negative numbers, Revolut is allowed to charge the top-up card that you have linked, as you agreed to this in the terms of service.

A non-prepaid is basically just one connected to an account. It will only use the available balance on the account, including an overdraft if there is one. This is what banks normally issue, and what the TransferWise Borderless account issues.

To summarise, there’s no noticeable difference between the two unless you count acceptance. If you include acceptance, there’s a much larger acceptance for non-prepaid cards!

Thus there’s only actually a benefit.

I hope this has given you some more insight that will see you sticking around for a while longer! (feel free to correct me if anything is inaccurate)

As for your concerns with the large balance your main bank account typically holds, you’re not forced to hold this amount with Revolut, although I can see them removing card top-ups in the future to try have people swap their salaries over.

AFAIK no bank is allowed to force you to have an overdraft, so you don’t need to worry about getting into debt from this.

May I add that Revolut does have a fraud prevention engine sitting behind all transactions and you have the MasterCard chargeback scheme to add further protection.

You also have the ability to limit the amount of potential money lost by locking your card via the app.