Debit card, not prepaid


How about issuing MasterCard Debit or Visa Debit cards (with 3D secure) instead of the prepaid both? Now you have the agreement to be your own card issuer, in a few words, you can do whatever you want😄. Obviously who needs those kinda cards pays a fee or make it free for premium uses. A lot of merchants do not accept prepaid cards, like rental car agencies, they accept only credit and debit cards. I suppose a lot of students as me use this bank and they cannot afford a credit card due to the impossibility to have a regular income.
Let the possibility to students to rent cars when abroad :innocent:


It’s a good idea !

And a mastercard world elite debit or visa infinite debit for premium members.

Thanks :slight_smile:


This! I’m sick of merchants not accepting the card because it’s prepaid (Cabify, Airbnb).


Patience. I’m sure that the team is working on debit cards, as it is highly requested feature! :r: