Debit card expiry while travelling.


What happens if the bank debit card I use to top up Revolut expires and the replacement card has been sent to my home address on the other side of the world? I can get the card details and enter manually and can get the bank statement code but can’t verify because can’t take a photo. What to do?


Hello @altpath,

Yes, you can do that, add it manually, but you’ll also need to contact us so we can verify it for you manually, by providing a bank statement of your account.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.


Hello Andreas,

For the bank statement, I presume you mean a printout of my online banking
statement in .pdf and not an original paper document. Just to be clear.



Of course @altpath :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @altpath, what about asking the issuer of the debit card to send your new card in advance? That is what I asked my bank to do and since it was just a matter of weeks, they did it without hesitation and additional costs.


That’s a good idea. However, it would not work for anyone spending long periods abroad eg. 10 months or more. Nomads often have to struggle with processes which for the majority present no problem. Also my experience of dealing with UK organisations is that any request to deviate even marginally from standard policy and procedures will evoke a polite but predictable “no”. All for our security of course.This will inevitably result in such employees being replaced by algorithms which equally lack imagination, bring no experience or initiative and are significantly cheaper to deploy. Stumbling across rare exceptions is one of life’s joys.
So, if I have a debit card already verified fully on my Revolut and I add another debit card for a different account but also in my name and registered to the same address as the first one, why the requirement for the photo of the second card? Would input of the code from bank statement not suffice? Just asking. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @altpath, didn’t they say verification with statement is okay? I just wanted to share how I was able to prevent a similar problem back then. I didn’t need the card back then for Revolut top ups, it was my main card for payments and cash, years before Revolut was introduced.


Yep, they did. I always find support on Revolut is spot on and have no complaints about them. I’m just putting out the question as to whether verification over and above the code on the bank statement is actually necessary in such cases as mine. Getting a pdf of a statement can take a month and I’m not sure if a copy paste of a transaction list would be acceptable. Hope you see what I’m driving at. :slight_smile:


Hey @altpath, if it is just a replacement card, the new card should have the same card number as the old one, right? Maybe they will accept the last available statement of the expired card?


In fact the card for the account that I have in my possession is valid to Sept 2017 but the bank sent a replacement (with different numbers) to my home address which supercedes the one I hold. No idea why they did that but there it is. You are kind to offer suggestions. Appreciated. I have no doubt I will be able to resolve the matter with Revolut support. Happy travels. Revolut is the best travel tool I’ve ever found. :hugs:


Swimming uphill is not for the faint hearted but thanks to the fantastic support at Revolut, I got everything sorted. What makes support here unusual is that they actually try to solve problems imaginatively and don’t just quote “policy”. They are a breath of fresh air. :grinning: