Deactivated card by mistake

Have you tried to contact in app chat support?

Hi @AndreasK I did the same. I accidentally deleted my card. Could you please reactivated it again? Thanks in advance

The same happened to me.Really sorry for that I’m a begginner. Would it be possible to get it back as soon as possible, please? Thank you very much in advance.

Fixed thanks a lot for all the help

I did the same mistake :S please help me

Hi i accidentally deleted my card and i really need it please reactivated

Hello, I accidentally deactivated my Revolut mastercard. Could you please activate it back?
Thank you!

Hello there. Sorry for being another in the long line - but I’ve accidentally deactivated my Metal card just now, when approving a PayPal transaction, which Revolut spotted as potentially suspicious. Anyone to help me revert it please?

Hi @AndreasK is accidentally deactivated my revolut card! Could you please help me reactivate?

Contact an Agent via the App.

I did contact an agent through the app. No responds. Please help me here

Not possible, sorry. Please wait until you get a response.

I have been waiting for days

Hi, can you activate my terminated card, please

Hi I accidentaly deaktivated my card. Can you help? Thx

Hi i deactivated my card by mistake what can i do ?

Hello. i cannot log in into my account because i tried to open it before i was 18, but now i am 18. I want to open Revolut so much please help me.

Hy, I deactivated my card by mistake and I need it reactivated. Can some one please help?

Contact support.