Deactivated card by mistake

I accidentally deleted my card and need it reactivated please?

Hi there. I’ve activate it for you.

Thank you o so so much!!! You’re my knight and hero!!!


Hi, I am facing the same problem and I need my card back as soon as possible because I’m travelling on Monday. Can you please activate it again?

I was trying to ‘clean up’ my cards, deleting an old card, and managed - incredibly - to delete the new card.

Waiting anxiously for Support to respond but seems like 4 hours before I hear back @AndreasK :frowning:

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Check your account and let me know :slight_smile:

What a star you are. Thanks very much!


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Hi Team Revolut!!
I have cancelled my card accidentally :frowning:
Can I reactivated it again please??

Thanks a lot!!!

MON compte est bloqué depuis vendredi et je n’arrive pas à joindre les agents afin de me débloquer mon compte, que e faire

Hello Team Revolut,

My card was cancelled by accident!
Could I reactivate it?


Hi, no necessary anymore, was a virtual card. I already made another one. Thanks.

Hi - my first time on here so apologies if I’m using the wrong area. I also deactivated my card by mistake earlier today and tried to web chat support for help but am still waiting for an agent. Can you help please?

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Hi! Hi I was wondering if you can help me ,l . I accidentally removed my physical revolut card off my app and when I try to add it back again it says “ this card is terminated “ I want to add this card back on again please? Thank you !

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Hi , just wondering did anyone get back to you on this ? I did the same thing today!

This also happened to me and this card is my primary means of spending money in Canada at the moment. Can someone please confirm there is some way of reverting this accidental card termination? Thanks.

Hi @AndreasK

I really need your help with reactivating my Revolut card.
I initially deactivated my card so as to switch over from Revolut UK to Revolut Singapore. However, I realised I have an incoming refund to my Revolut UK card, of which has been deactivated. Please help me re-activate the card.

Hi, I am facing the same problem and I need my card back. Can you please activate it again?
@AndreasK :expressionless:please?

Hi, I also accidentally deactivated my card by accident. Would it be possible to get it back as soon as possible, please? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Andreas. I also accidentally removed my second metal card and would like to reactivate it. Could you do that for me?

Good morning,
I mistakenly refused a payment, and now my card is terminated and it doesn’t appear in the card section. How can i reactivate it ?