DE Personal Account with UK mobile number

I have a very specific matter.

I have an address in Hanover, DE [dual citizenship (DE/UK)] but spend most of my time in London. Also, I only have a UK mobile number. I want to close my Deutsche Bank account in DE and would like to set up a Revolut account in DE (with DE account details) but provide a UK mobile number (I can use my mum’s for activating etc. but then need to be able to use mine).

I hope the above makes sense. Is it possible?

Thanks fro taking your time and looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hey @RhysPhotis :slight_smile:

I don’t think there should be any problem with this setup, but :r: will only provide you with a UK personal IBAN, not with a DE IBAN for now :frowning:

However, it should be equally accepted :wink:

Thanks for the answer.

I have now set-up my standard Revolut account. I am now in the process of instructing my previous bank to close my account and to transfer my money into my Revolut account.

Sorry, to bother you with this but I cannot find my IBAN number?

Thanks in advance. Rhys

More, profile, account details, EUR, local.

(There are more ways to find this. But this is one.)

Ah, and make sure to keep an eye on your personal annual top up limit.

transferwise borderless gives you a DE IBAN, but within the SEPA zone all IBANs are supposed to be considered equal regardless the country

Hello Frank (& Alejandro),

Thanks for your feedback. I had to laugh after figuring out your response / specific steps (it helps when you can laugh about yourself). I was desperately trying to figure how to find the details online (giving away my age I guess).

Just send all the details to my bank and all on its way at the moment.

Thanks and wishing you a lovely weekend, Rhys

Glad to hear it worked. :wink:

For your amusement, here is another way to find it:

On the main “accounts” screen with the big blue background: tap the little controls icon upper left corner. Tap on the currency.

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