Dates in Panel Skewed


I am unsure if I hadn’t noticed until now or its recently changed, but transaction dates are changing by themselves.

When a transaction is sent as authorisation, it displays that date to begin with, for example I had a transaction display as Pending on 17th October at 3pm.

The very same transaction today vanished, but now appeared on the 23rd October at 6am but shown as Completed with zero reference to the original authorisation date.

This can cause quite a bit of issues for our accounting. Are you able to keep transactions on the same dates? I just raised a query thinking I was double charged and it wasn’t until I was sent a screenshot of the original transaction date from your own internal systems did I work out what for myself was happening.

The CSV export also doesn’t show the original transaction date, this is quite vital information to have from an audit perspective.

I have also noticed this recently on personal accounts, I saw a cache of an old pending transaction with Amazon, but actually the pending was deleted and re-inserted as a new charge a few days later. To me it appeared like a double charge.

If I am having this issue I am sure others are.