Data export

I read in some thread an export option to xls/pdf but I can not find it. Can anyone help me to find it?


Go to one of your accounts (where it shows your local details/SWIFT details) and then tap “statement”. It’ll give you a start/end month picker and will allow you to export to PDF and Excel.

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@Recchan after some time on app. I can not see this option. Is this for premium users?

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tap the balance in the Accounts tab -> Statement
More -> Profile -> Account Details -> tap the currency -> Statement


@Daidai Thank you, I found it


Hello, When I Click on statement, Revolut only allows me to select statement balance date. There is no option to export in excel format, it automatically does in pdf which is not what I want. How Can I get around that? Or is it simply a bug?


Any Update on this from Revolut?

Need a xls or csv export option - only option currently seems to be pdf, which is impossible to use in other finance apps. Please bring back the xls export option!


There is no format selection for Statement download anymore :frowning:
Please let users export theirs statements in machine-readable format (CSV, JSON, XLS, …).

Thank you

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I really need the CSV format back to be able to import my payments from Revolut into my financial app! PDF is useless!
If not, I will leave Revolut.

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Is this a feature Revolut regularly removes/re-adds in the app? The latest version does not offer format selection for exporting statements, it only spits out a PDF (which is not very useful for re-using data). So Excel/CSV/TXT export is gone (again)?

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I think it was always available on iOS.

It’s a pity that it’s been removed from Android. PDF is useless for my purposes, Excel export from the web ( is not a great format (missing information seen in the app). If it’s available on iOS I’m hoping Revolut brings it back to Android in a later update.

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A support agent can arrange a CSV export for you. It is also possible to export Csv/Excel from the browser app ( i had some issues when exporting more than a month)

However, I’m missing some fields in the CSV: categories and payments excluded from analytics. Would like to see these included.

Exactly - the problem is in the lack of details even in the browser export

Last year, I managed to export Oct '20 - Dec '20 statement info with my custom categories - it worked brilliantly. Tried to export Dec '21 - Jan '21, hoping that the categories would be exported as well (saving me the hassle to create functions in Excel), only to no luck. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

Maybe this feature for having categories in exported account statements is no only applicable to Revolut Business?