Dark mode to Community Pages


Please add preference to change the Revolut Community screen to Dark Mode. Recently Monzo offered this feature. Looks good on our eyes.


This would be a helpful option. Both in this forum and within the Revolut app too.


I believe that Revolut is already working on bringing the dark mode to their app.

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The OP is talking about this community.


I have seen Discourse platform which is this one with dark mode so the feature exists

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It’s a shame no one bothers to respond…

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Dark mode started as an idea, then they saw the demand and they started building it, so hopefully in 2020 we will get a dark mode for both Android and Iphones. But i personally think there are a lot more that need customizing specially in the trading experience.


I use the Samsung browser that make all websites look dark so I didn’t even notice we didn’t had one …

You can just use DarkReader

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thanks very much. This is exactly what i was looking for. :+1: