DanKort compatibility in Denmark


Hi there! I would like to know what are the plans for Dankort compatibility on the cards. If you want us to be daily based users in Denmark, this is a must, there are many merchants that only get card payments if they are Dankort cards.


I don’t know of any “FinTechs” that targets international markets to support local payment schemes.

I very much doubt that there will be any support for any local scheme by Revolut at all.
It’s kinda expensive and problematic (regulatory stuff) to support those if you’re not a local bank in that country. And kinda pointless for any other customer in any other country. Would you like to have the cost of Revolut’s services to go up so germans can have german girocards? You don’t need it, right? :slight_smile:

If you’re in a country like Denmark or Germany where they are a little bit stupid about things like payment schemes (I am german, i am allowed to say that :slight_smile: ), you simply have to choose what is more important to you - buying at those stores and paying in cash/with a local payment scheme or not buying at stores that only support those payment methods and taking your business somewhere else.
That’s a personal preference there.

DISCLAIMER: That’s all just my personal take on that question, I have no idea what Revolut is planning on doing.


as far as I know, with the new EU Directive PSD2, it will be illegal for a merchant to accept only local circuits like DanKort.

Denmark is in EU so they will be forced to adopt the new directive. Can you imagine Revolut starting to print on its cards all the local circuits? Dankort for Denmark, Bancontact for Belgium, PagoBancomat for Italy, etc… it will be impossible! (and not so clever for a global player like Revolut)


Thanks for the feedback! There are some places that are requiring this. What the merchant has to pay for VISA/MasterCard or DanKort are different and, specially the small ones are the ones taking only DanKort. There are also many apps and web-based payments that charge much less to the buyer if it is a DK payment.
I was wondering about this to make the daily usage even better in DK.


Interesting! Thanks a lot, there are some payment platforms requiring DanKort that maybe now have to adapt the service…