Daily transaction Limit

I just tried transfer £1,500 to USD and got hit with daily transaction limit exceeded warning. As a premium customer aren’t I supposed to get unlimited FX??

Hi there. Unlimited FX means unlimited free FX volume vs £5000/€6000 monthly free limit on standard account (spend, transfer and exchange anywhere in the world without FX fees regardless of the amount transacted).

so for premium I should not be getting “sorry you’ve exceeded the number of daily exchange transactions, Please try again later” ?

maybe my account is not set up right?

The allowable number of exchanges is not related to the unlimited FX/ or fees that Premium accounts have. It’s a limit for both standard & premium accounts.

so what is the limit? I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere?

Hey @Simianharvey :slight_smile:

Clauses 8.2, 20.1 and 20.2 of the Terms of Service:

They’re increased automatically with time usually :wink:

cool - Good answer! Many thanks :):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

can I apply to get my daily transaction limit upped?

I would like to know this too

Are you talking about the daily limit for top ups with a card? See the FAQs for this:

For newly added cards, most of our users will have a top-up limit between £500 and £3,000 (or currency equivalent) per 24 hours. Some users may find they have a lower daily limit to begin with, however, your daily top-up limits will increase over time. Try and top up your desired amount. If you wish to top up more than your daily limit, you can top up by bank transfer.

It can’t be changed manually.

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